Clacifer plushies

Making more Calcifer plushies, they are the most sold item in my shop, fan favorite 🙂

Here’s some photos of the process itself:


From: Strawberry Paisly


New stuff in my shop!

Princess crown or tiara earrings, with purple beads

Cute Calsifer earrings, from Howl’s moving castle

and my favorit – Cheshire fat cat plushie, isn’t he the cutest?!

March Giveaway!

March is so boring, and i’ve been doing so well with my shop, so i decided to give back with this awesome march give away!

march giveaway

Here is how to enter:

  • Rules: Visit my shop, and leave a comment on my blog, saying which item is your favorite from my shop (don’t forget to add your e-mail, so I can get back to you if you win!)

For an extra chance to win:

The giveaway is international, and the winner will me announced by the end of the month (march 31, 2012)

Totoro keychain

Made a big batch of new totoro keychains. I think they are one of the most popular things on my shop.  I have a totoro keychain on my usb drive that never gets lost even since i put it there. Maybe totoro the forest spirit is protecting it? Of may be the totoro keychain’s just too cute to loose 🙂

Anyways, you can get him here:

Or visit the rest of my shop here:



Tiger ears for Porim!

In about two weeks there’s a holiday in Israel called Porim, kind of like Halloween, you get dressed up, and people give their friends baskets with candy and sweets. I thought this year to find something special on Etsy, and found this great shop that sells animal-ears head clips and lots more accessories. Here’s what i bought:

It came quickly, and looks amazing!

The etsy shop “Eshop Mania” is here:

Big October Giveaway!!!

After the success of my fist giveaway, i decided to do another one, only much much bigger!

So what does the giveaway include:
1 purple fabric bag with totoro embroidery
1 kawaii kitty s cell phone charm, with heart and beads
1 kawaii skull pin
1 small fabric pouch

TO ENTER: Visit my shop on etsy, choose a favorit item, then leave 1 comment stating

 – One of my favorite items from Strawberry Paisly is _______.

 – If I am the winner, you can reach me here: _______.

EXTRA ENTRIES: For a better chance of winning there are sevrel things you can do that can give you extra votes:

 – Liking my facebook page: 1 vote
– Sharing this giveaway on your facebook wall: 2 votes
– Tweeting about this giveaway: 2 votes
– Blogging about this giveaway (with a picture!): 5 votes!

 So, for these to count as extras, please leave a separate comment for each additional entry.

 – I “like” Strawberry Paisly on Facebook! My facebook username is _______.

– I follow your blog, my username is ________

– I shared this giveaway on my facebook wall! I included a link back to this page so that my friends can find it. Here is a link to the wall post: _______. 

 – I tweeted about this giveaway on twitter. I included a link back to this page. Here is a link to the tweet: _______.

 – I blogged about this giveaway. I included a link back to this page and a picture of the giveaway. Here is a link to the post: _______.



(winner will be announced on October 28th)

Charm factory!

My desk-factory in prosess!

I know, it’s a bit of a mess, what we like to call in israel “Balagan”, so you can say that this is a very big “balagan” 🙂

i make the charms with clay. I made a special box for drying the charms, for after i color them or put gloss on them, they hang there, so they won’t stick to the table, that way i can paint each one from all sides at one time, with out having to wait for them to dry before i color the other side 🙂

Which reminds me, i just added some new charms to my shop! With more to come soon 🙂

Strayberry Paisly on Etsy