One more month to shop in my store…

Cause i’m goin to India in november!!

I love India, this will be my fourth trip there. I’ve been all over the northern-western part already – near and in the Himalaya mountains, and also in Rajasthan – the desert part on india (that always reminds me of the movie Aladdin, with it’s forts and castles!)

There’s still a month left, and i’m planning to add more totoro bags to the shop as well as charms. Also, in October, i’m planning to make another giveaway, after the success of the last one, so be ready!

And for now, here are a few photos or my last trips to india:


Charm factory!

My desk-factory in prosess!

I know, it’s a bit of a mess, what we like to call in israel “Balagan”, so you can say that this is a very big “balagan” 🙂

i make the charms with clay. I made a special box for drying the charms, for after i color them or put gloss on them, they hang there, so they won’t stick to the table, that way i can paint each one from all sides at one time, with out having to wait for them to dry before i color the other side 🙂

Which reminds me, i just added some new charms to my shop! With more to come soon 🙂

Strayberry Paisly on Etsy

Giveaway Winner!


The totoro charm giveaway has closed, and i’ve chosen a winner (with the help of random numbers generator).

Congradulations Catoka!

(i’ll be sending her an e-mail, if there’s no answer  in two days, i will draw a new winner)

If you haven’t won, and still would like to have the charm, you can visit my etsy shop, there are plenty of charms there waiting for you  🙂  (you can even ask me for a specialy made one, with specific bead colors / charms and so on…)