Henna in India

My heart is in india… I’ve visited there 3 times, and loved it each time!

As you probably noticed, i love to doodle, and love henna style. When i was in india, i carried around henna paste, and drew on anyone who would let me. That included homeless children, and locals in general. The indians a lot of time thought it was funny that a foreigner was drawing henna on the local people, and not the opposite 🙂

There are a lot of kids on the street asking for money. I didn’t want to give them because i don’t think it really goes to them, and giving them candy isn’t a good option cause it’s not healthy, and not a good education. So when ever i had time, and a street kid came up and asked for money, i offered to draw henna on them instead. It was a big hit! They loved it, and remembered me later 🙂


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