Henna in India

My heart is in india… I’ve visited there 3 times, and loved it each time!

As you probably noticed, i love to doodle, and love henna style. When i was in india, i carried around henna paste, and drew on anyone who would let me. That included homeless children, and locals in general. The indians a lot of time thought it was funny that a foreigner was drawing henna on the local people, and not the opposite 🙂

There are a lot of kids on the street asking for money. I didn’t want to give them because i don’t think it really goes to them, and giving them candy isn’t a good option cause it’s not healthy, and not a good education. So when ever i had time, and a street kid came up and asked for money, i offered to draw henna on them instead. It was a big hit! They loved it, and remembered me later 🙂


Kitty Sketch

Am thinking of making a kitty bag, maybe with the cheshire cat from alice in wonderland… but something cute anyways. I’ve been sketching, still don’t know which one i want to make.

More bunny bag photos!

More more more bunny bags!!! I love them!

I think the next bags will be kitty bags, maybe also cheshire cat from alice in wonderland… And maybe later i’ll just go back to making studio ghibli bags, cause they’re just soo cute.

Maybe i sould make something other then bags? what do you guys think? any ideas?

my store (for the bags): http://www.etsy.com/shop/yael360