Brick stitch miyuki beads

My new hobby, great tutorials online, alsi with my own designs


Winter is coming

At least I hope so… Summer feels long, and hot… and internet shopping isn’t the fist thing on people’s mind. With winter comes Christmas, and with that sales 🙂

Working for that, making new jewelry designs. Still don’t know if it’s right for my Strawberry Paisly etsy shop to add something different then the usual kawaii and cute plushes

Here’s some of the new beaded jewelry designs:

For all the necklaces click here

for all of the earrings click here

Keep on drawing

I’m in my second job as a graphic designer, and UX expert. Still have time for drawing, good thing there are meetings in the office 🙂

Plus, it helps me concentrate at work. Great for freeing my thoughts and focusing.

Love you zentangle!